Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I am feeling much better today.  A big thank you to all those who have been praying for me.  I have been very much aware of the Lord's presence in these past few days.  Also many thanks to all those who have given so generously in order for us to pay the staff their July salary.  What would I do without amazing generous friends who are prepared to partner with me in this work.  I CANNOT do it without you!!
God news is that little Jackie, our smallest baby, is now home from hospital.  Unfortunately she is HIV positive and therefore has not been thriving as she should.  However she is a sweet contented little girl and hopefully with some extra care we will be able to get her weight up.  Please pray for her and for the mothers who are caring for her.
Nothando is still in hospital and we are waiting for the doctor to see her.  Hopefully she will be released today and then we will have all our babies back with us. 
Because of the extra pressure put on us over the past few weeks we decided that we should not take any more children for a while.  Everyone is very tired and needs time to catch up!! Having said all that we have had to take three small children were badly beaten by their grandmother and have been asked to take a 4 month old little girl who was abandoned in South Africa.  Family and friends will remember this little girl who they visited whilst they were at the hospital.  My sister Kerri fell in love with her. 
Making the decision on whether to take a child or not is so so hard.  I know we can give the children the love and care they need but in doing so it just adds more and more pressure on to my already overworked staff.  What to do?  God please grant me wisdom!!

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