Sunday, May 30, 2010

Decisions, decisions!!

It's a cold, wet, miserable Sunday.  However we have just had pizza with the Addisons and that was great.  Pete makes the best pizza. 
Thanks everyone for the interest in the "One in a Million" campaign.  It's just so encouraging.  After today I am even more certain of the need to bring our children into town from Willow Park.  It is freezing out there.  The kids must  really be suffering,  especially the little ones who always seem to have cold hands and feet.
Another two children were placed in our care on Thursday...15 year Beauty and her 7 month old baby girl .  Beauty was forced to become the younger wife to her mother's boyfriend.  When a neighbour heard about this she reported it to the police and Beauty was removed from this man's home.  He was very angry and  threatened to come after her.  She is in our care temporarily, for her own protection.   Beauty has never been to school and has no idea of her actual age.  When the police first interviewed her she told them she was 19 because she waas scared of getting into trouble.   The police then dropped the charges because she was not a minor.  It's a really messy situation and I am not sure what the outcome will be.  We will have to see.  It's so hard to know what to do with this young lady.  I can't put her into school.  She is too old to be starting grade one, and  the baby complicates matters even more.  We have a few girls with us in similar situations to Beauty.  We will probably put them into a skills training program and hopefully they will  become self sufficient and be able to support themselves and their children.   Whilst the police tell us we will ony have Beauty and her daughter for short time, I know, from experience that it does not work out that way and it's more than likely that Beauty will remain with us until she is 18 years old. 
I have to make another a very difficult decision tomorrow.  One of our girls who has been with us for a few years now is pregnant.  This girl came to us after her father threw boiling water over her. During the last school holidays she went home to her mother, and  that's when she became pregnant.  We called her mother in on Friday to talk to her.  Obviously she is devastated!!  She told us that the reason the father threw boiling water over her daughter was because he caught her with a boy.  The mother is terrified that if we send her  home the father will kill her.  According to her mother he actually has the potential to do that.  I am angry and frustrated and just not sure what to do with this child.  I have never faced a situation like this before.  Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Monday, May 24, 2010

My computer crashed!!!

It's been some time since I last wrote.  My computer crashed last week and I had to wait until the weekend for Peter Addison to reformat it.  What a big job!!  Praise God for Peter who not only fixes our computers, he also fixes our cars and everything else that needs fixing.  What would we do without Des and Pete.
Anyway now on to my news.  Firstly I am so excited about the number of frends showing an interest in our "One in a Million" campaign.  I will get back to all of you now that I can go on-line again.  The paperwork is done so you can expect an e-mail from me soon.
This morning Des and I went looking for some children who were living in the park.  A friend had seen them recently scavaging in some garbage bins for food.  We couldn't find them but will keep looking.  She thought one looked to be about six years old.  She said they were both very thin and very dirty.  And certainly not dressed for the cold weather which we are experiencing at the moment.  It's just so sad.
Last Friday we were asked to take a five month old little girl.  She only weighs about 2kg and she is HIV positive.  Her mother died soon after giving birth and her Aunt was looking after her in the hospital, but has now run off to South Africa.  The father of the baby is unemployed and homeless.  We will care for her until we can find another relative willing to care for her.  She is very cute and we have named her Jacquie after our bookkeeper. 
Also last Friday we said goodbye to baby Peter whose circumstances were identical to little Jacquie's.  His mother died and his father was unable to care for him.  We did however find an Aunt who was willing to take him.  I love it when a plan comes together.!!.  We were sad to say goodbye to Peter but glad he now has a home.  It's so hard not get attached to our children.  If I was younger and richer I'd take the lot!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This morning I got an e-mail from Taryn...a friend I haven't met yet. She was so excited about the "One in a Million" idea because the Lord gave her the same idea a few weeks ago. How cool is that!! And what an amazing confirmation for me. I am dying to post photos of the new centre...the one I believe the Lord is going to give us but have to wait until the owners publicly make it know that they are selling it.
The pastor on Sunday said "If your not afraid, your vision is too small". Well I am really scared. Trying to raise one million dollars fills me with absolute terror unless I keep my eyes fixed firmly on Him.
This morning I was out at Willow Park, the current home for the Sandra Jones Children's Village. It's always great to spend time with the kids. They really help you keep a healthy perspective on life. I had morning tea with them, which was tea with bread and margarine. And it was enough. I wonder what my kids would do if I gave them bread and margarine for lunch!!!
There's a little girl out there, her name is Blessing. She is six months old, tiny and very very cute. Her parents are both dead and she was being cared for by her 16 year old sister who was also caring for another three siblings. She just couldn't cope and that's why Blessing came to us. I would love to take her and have to keep reminding myself that four is enough!!! I must just stay away from the babies when I visit the centre. Everytime I go out there I want to take one home. Even my three year old told me today "no more babies Mommy" I just wish all of our children could be adopted into loving Christian homes.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sandra Jones Children's Village

Hello everyone, I think it’s about time I gave blogging a try. One has to keep up with the times!!! Besides I need advice!! As many of you know YFC has a children’s centre accommodating more than 80 kids. Most of our children are abuse victims and many are HIV positive.
Currently all the children are staying at our camp site. It’s fine for the time being but certainly not suitable in the long term. About two years ago we found what we believed was the perfect property for our centre. It could accommodate more than one hundred children, it has a huge dining room and kitchen, beautiful grounds and it needs no renovation. Having said all that, at the time, it was not up for sale.
We then heard of another property, and whilst it was suitable, it was not as perfect as the first one. We were originally told that there was a strong possibility that we could rent this building. After two years of phones calls, visits and empty promises we were told last week that we could NOT have the property after all. I was devastated. However within minutes we then heard that the first property, the one we originally wanted was now up for sale. Is God trying to tell us something?
I have enquired about the price of purchasing this property and should hear later this week. I do know that it will be at least one million dollars. It’s worth that!!
So we have decided to establish the “One in a million” campaign and are looking for one million people to give one dollar. Can we do it? Never! Can God do it? Of course He can!. We already have three dollars. We only started the campaign half an hour ago! So now we just need $999,997.
If you would like to be involved, and I know you will, then just e-mail me and I will send you a “One in a Million” sheet and you can get started collecting one dollar from all your friends. Get each person who gives to sign their name in one of the boxes on the sheet. Once the sheet is full you then bank the money and mark the transaction “ New SJCV Centre"
I will keep you updated, through this blog, on our progress.
Let’s make this happen. I believe God can do it! Do you?