Monday, May 24, 2010

My computer crashed!!!

It's been some time since I last wrote.  My computer crashed last week and I had to wait until the weekend for Peter Addison to reformat it.  What a big job!!  Praise God for Peter who not only fixes our computers, he also fixes our cars and everything else that needs fixing.  What would we do without Des and Pete.
Anyway now on to my news.  Firstly I am so excited about the number of frends showing an interest in our "One in a Million" campaign.  I will get back to all of you now that I can go on-line again.  The paperwork is done so you can expect an e-mail from me soon.
This morning Des and I went looking for some children who were living in the park.  A friend had seen them recently scavaging in some garbage bins for food.  We couldn't find them but will keep looking.  She thought one looked to be about six years old.  She said they were both very thin and very dirty.  And certainly not dressed for the cold weather which we are experiencing at the moment.  It's just so sad.
Last Friday we were asked to take a five month old little girl.  She only weighs about 2kg and she is HIV positive.  Her mother died soon after giving birth and her Aunt was looking after her in the hospital, but has now run off to South Africa.  The father of the baby is unemployed and homeless.  We will care for her until we can find another relative willing to care for her.  She is very cute and we have named her Jacquie after our bookkeeper. 
Also last Friday we said goodbye to baby Peter whose circumstances were identical to little Jacquie's.  His mother died and his father was unable to care for him.  We did however find an Aunt who was willing to take him.  I love it when a plan comes together.!!.  We were sad to say goodbye to Peter but glad he now has a home.  It's so hard not get attached to our children.  If I was younger and richer I'd take the lot!!!

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