Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This morning I got an e-mail from Taryn...a friend I haven't met yet. She was so excited about the "One in a Million" idea because the Lord gave her the same idea a few weeks ago. How cool is that!! And what an amazing confirmation for me. I am dying to post photos of the new centre...the one I believe the Lord is going to give us but have to wait until the owners publicly make it know that they are selling it.
The pastor on Sunday said "If your not afraid, your vision is too small". Well I am really scared. Trying to raise one million dollars fills me with absolute terror unless I keep my eyes fixed firmly on Him.
This morning I was out at Willow Park, the current home for the Sandra Jones Children's Village. It's always great to spend time with the kids. They really help you keep a healthy perspective on life. I had morning tea with them, which was tea with bread and margarine. And it was enough. I wonder what my kids would do if I gave them bread and margarine for lunch!!!
There's a little girl out there, her name is Blessing. She is six months old, tiny and very very cute. Her parents are both dead and she was being cared for by her 16 year old sister who was also caring for another three siblings. She just couldn't cope and that's why Blessing came to us. I would love to take her and have to keep reminding myself that four is enough!!! I must just stay away from the babies when I visit the centre. Everytime I go out there I want to take one home. Even my three year old told me today "no more babies Mommy" I just wish all of our children could be adopted into loving Christian homes.