Friday, December 3, 2010

Lots of new kids!!

The last few weeks have been such a rush.  For some reason we also seem to get lots of new kids around trhe Christmas season. 
On Monday we were the given the sweetest little girl.  We have named her Kerri (after my sister) and she is estimated to be about 6 months old.  She has not given an ounce of trouble since arriving.  Kerri was left on a bus.  Her mother asked a stranger to hold her while she got off the bus to do something, and she never returned.  The best part is that Kerri is healthy, no HIV and no TB.  We don;t get many like that these days.

Another new arrival is Lee.  Lee is a screamer.  The quicker we get her out to the Sandta Jones Children's Village the happier we will be.  She is staying with us in our offices at the moment!!  Lee's teenage mother left her in the house by herself.  The lodger came home in  the evening and found Lee screaming.  After waiting hours for the mother to come back she finally took Lee to the police station and they eventually phoned us.  They say that Lee is about 10 months old.  As you can see by her photo she has a serious squint and will need surgery to correct it.  Fortunately we know an eye specialist who comes from the USA every year.  So when he comes next we will ask him to look at Lee.

Another little girl was so supposed to join us yesterday but was identified for adoption so she will not come after all.  If only more people would adopt abandoned children!!
Stefi and Maddie finished school yesterday.  They are so happy to be on school holidays.  So am I.  No more getting up at 5.30am every morning.  They start school at 7.20am....ridiculous time!!!!
We have put up our Christmas tree and now we have to find a way to stop Christy from pulling off the decorations.  She has definitely hit the terrible twos.  Yesterday she told me to give her a sweet or she would keep being naughty.  I did give her something...and it definitately wasn't a sweet.
I am also going on a leave for a month and really looking forward to spending some quality time with the girls. I have been so busy this year and at times have neglected my daughters. It's awful to come home at the end of the day and to be asked "Mommy are you staying home now, you're not going out again are you?"  It's the first thing Rebecca asks when she sees me after work.   So for the four weeks we are going to paint pine cones, bake christmas cookies, and make christmas decorations and I can't wait!!!

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  1. Dear Debbie
    I'm wishing you much joy in your daughters as you spend a lovely chunk of time with you. May you all be filled with peace, love and joy in one another and in Jesus.
    Enjoy! you deserve it