Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's been like Christmas around the YFC office thee past two weeks.  The Australian embassy gave us three washing machines, two cots, 40 bunkbeds with matresses, 20 tables and 80 chairs.  Plus we were given 100 blankets, $200 for text books and money for the tyres for Fleur's car.  And we are over the moon!!!

Every now and then everyone gets a bit discouraged and it all becomes too hard and then BAM!!! the Lord blesses up big time!!! 

We are so grateful to all who gave so much to bless you children at the Sandra Jones Children's Village.


  1. Do the washing machines have Aussie plugs...cause you KNOW you will have to get an electrician in to change them, hey Debs...You must stick with the Aussie OH&S regulations!!!!! WOnderful Debs. that will save the Mamas some back breaking work....Now all we need from the embassy is 1 million US!

  2. Hi Debbie, so exciting to see the great work happening through you and the team. I have spent a bit of this afternoon catching up on the news. Incredible stuff! We're praying for you guys and wishing you all the best! Always on the other end of an email as well (aashish at

    Every blessing,

    Aashish Parmar.
    (Of Wilfred and Mamta Parmar!)