Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just when I think we have everything sorted out for the young girl staying us who is pregnant her father sends us a message and says if we send her home he will kill her.  This also includes us sending to her to family members.  Now I am very unsure what the next step is.  It's really a tough call.  Would appreciate your prayers for wisdom.
A friend of mine has a ministry called Forever Homes.  We work very closely with her and help each other whenever we can.  She is about to open another home and has offered places for four children.  Her homes can only take up to ten children and it is usually a permanent situation.  Problem is we have a number of children who would thrive in a family situation, it's just knowing who to choose.  At least we have time to pray about it.  The home will only open in the next couple of months. 
Please pray for a couple of our little ones who are not well.  Two year old Ethan has a mouth full of ulcers.  He is a very unhappy little guy.  Ethan is one of my favourite kids.  He is a very quiet, sweet natured little boy and I hate seeing so him so miserbale.  Three old Sara has the same thing..a mouth full of ulcers.  One of the doctors in town has agreed to see the children pro bono so tomorrow we will take them both for a check up.  Hopefully it's nothing serious.  All of our childen were immunised recently for measles so we are wondering if Ethan and Sera are having some kind of side affect from the injection.  Who knows?
Anyway Des is about to call me for supper, roast lamb and veg.  My favourite meal.  Catch you all later.

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