Monday, September 13, 2010

I know I am supposed to be happy whenever someone expresses an interest in adopting one of our children but the thought that one of them may be leaving us is always hard to bear.  Someone came in this morning to see Chanel.  She instantly fell in love with her and if Chanel's older sister is willing to sign her over for adoption then Chanel will be leaving us soon.  My heart is breaking.  I know that I could never take her but at least I get to see her each day.
Joseph is still with us.  He was supposed to go to his Aunt last week but because he was being legally fostered by one of my staff he will have to go court again before we can hand him over.  At first he seemed a bit reticent abhout leaving us and was obviously very shy around his Aunt but he seems to be coming to terms with the situation now and hopefully he will settle into his new home quickly and without any problems.
There is also another family keen on taking 15 month old Liam.  Liam has a 3 year old sister and twin brothers who turned 5 today.  Liam's sister Sera leaves us on the 17th to go to her new foster family and if everything pans out Liam will also be joining a new family soon. 
It's all happening at once and as I said in the beginning I know I am supposed to be happy but having to say good-bye to so many of our babies all at once is going to be very hard.
Little Jacquie finally came out of hospital on Saturday.  She is looking so much better.  Please keep praying for her.  She is still very small for her age and still requires special care.
Whilst I was at the hospital I was able to chat with Jacquie's pediatrician who has agreed to work with us pro bono.  This is wonderful news for us and we praise the Lord for His provision. 
So at last all our babies are back home with us and I have a sense of well-being for the first time in ages.  Thanks to all those who faithfully prayed for me, the minsitry and our children. 
Nothando, Ashley, Jacquie, Susan and Chanel

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  1. Love the new look Blog. The babies are looking great. I feel your pain, however you know that as soon as they go more will come!!