Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today is Maddie's birthday and she is 8 years old.  She was so excited this morning about taking her Hanna Montana cake to school to share with her friends at break time.  We celebrated on Sunday with lunch at Des and Pete's and then afternoon tea in the Matopas.  It was a lovely day all round.  Tonight we will go to Creamy Inn for icecream.  That will really make Maddie's day..  Hard to believe that I have had that little stick of dynamite for 8 years.  She has certainly made all our lives a lot more interesting!!!  Maddie invited her friend Nicky to spend the day with her and the two of them had a wonderful time together. 
A number of our children out at the Village also celebrate their birthdays in September and last week a friend took cake and presents for all the children having a birthday this month.  It was a very special afternoon for the children but especially the birthday kids.  Flora the lady who prepared the celebration wrote in her e-mail to me...It was the most uplifting time for me and I loved every minute of being with them. The twins were delightful! As too, their little sister, in one of the pictures, wearing the ribbon from their wrapping.  Portia was fantastic and guided me through the whole thing. She was so good with knowing all about each child and filled me in on their backgrounds.  I am so grateful to people like Flora Eley who see the importance of making each child feel special.  Flora will do this each month from now on for the children having a birthday in that particular month.

In my last blog I wrote of my sense of well being that all of our children were back with us and doing much better.  Unfortunately that did not last long,  Awakiwe began vomiting on Sunday and we had to take her to hospital yesterday where she was admitted. Because of her status she tends to catch anything that is going around.  She was doing so well so I was devastated to hear that she had taken a bad turn again.  Please pray for her!
The other little ones are all doing well.  I spent some time playing with them this morning.  I always feel refreshed after being with our babies.  They certainly help one keep things in perspective!!

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  1. Hey Debs

    How are you and everyone else?
    Give maddie a big hug and kiss for me and wish her Happy Birthday from me

    Also give all the other girls hugs and kisses for me and say hi to Des and Pete for me

    We are sad to hear about Awakiwe and we are praying for her.

    Mum and dad were wondering if you could give us an update on Joey? has he gone back to his aunty yet?

    I was also wondering if the girls got the pen pal letter that were sent over from my friends

    We miss you and think about you every day

    Love Alice