Thursday, October 14, 2010

I wrote my on blog yesterday and then accidentally deleted it.  I was so annoyed with myself.  I know many of you are wondering "how did she do a stupid thing like that"?  Well my friends it was not difficult.  Anyway now I am starting all over again.
First I must tell you that Bulawayo has been experiencing a heatwave over the past ten days with temperatures in the low 40's. It's been too terrible.  I have an airconditioner in my bedroom and it is not unusual to wake up in the monring to find all four girls sleeping in my room.
I spent this morning at Willow Park.  It is always so good to spend time with the kids.  Everytime I am there I come away praying that the Lord would make it possible for us to buy Hotel Rio as soon as possible.  I just don't have the time to get out to Willow's just too far and yet I love being with the kids.
Awakiwe is back in town with us for a little while.  She came out of hospital very thin and needs a bit of fattening up.  She is such a great little girl who always has a huge smile on face.
 All our children are doing so much better.  Please keep praying for them.  Because so many are HIV positive they easily catch whatever is going around and tend to take longer than the average child to get over it.
I recently had the amazing privilege of baptising 9 of our girls in the swimming pool at the Sandra Jones Children's Village.  It was very special for me.  I have seen these girls come to us as broken hurting children and I have watched God take the brokenness and turned it into something beautiful.

Sera with her brother Liam

 We had to say good-bye to Sera recently.  Whilst it was really hard to see her go, she has gone to a lovely Christian family and is very happy...and that's what it's all about...finding loving families to love and care for our children.
 Also gone is my darling little Chanelle.  I was so brokenhearted when she left and am really missing her.  However she did go to her Grandparents who seemed to be lovely people.
And last but not least we also had to say good-bye to Ashley who has been reuinted with her mother..  We knew she would only be with us for a short time and yet it is always hard to see them go.
Whilst I have been writing on this blog Fleur has gone into social welfare to collect two small children.  Whilst they were not adnandoned they are unwanted...but not for long.  We want them!!!  More about them tomorrow.


  1. what a bittersweet experience it must be when children go to live with family.

    Praying for you and for the Hotel Rio to become a reality.

    hugs and blessings

  2. You're right Cathy it is bittersweet and I have to keep reminding myself that we are not an institution and that ultimately we want to see everyone of our children in a loving home.