Friday, October 22, 2010

I thought you might like to see some before and after photos of Nothando. The one below was taken whilst she was in hospital,,,the public hospital!!!!. She came out looking like that. After a week we put her into the private hospital where she was diagnosed with TB. She has almost completed her treatment and as you can see by the second photo below she is looking much better and is certainly much happier.


Meet Buhe  (pronounced Bookay).  She joined YFC in September and now has officially become my new PA.  She is doing a wonderful job.  She has been like a breath of fresh air to YFC.  We needed some young blood on staff.   Buhe is 25 and was born and educated in Zimbabwe.  She has been living in the UK for the past few years where she attended Bible College.  Last year she felt the Lord's calling to return to Zimbabwe to serve Him in full time service  We are also grateful to the Lord for bringing her to us.

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  1. Amazing what a bit of GOOD hospital treatment can do....Geee she looks so much like her Mom, now that she has a bit of flesh on her face!!