Thursday, October 21, 2010

In my last post I commented on the number of children we have been asked to take in the past week.  Well yesterday we were asked to take three more.  8 year Dumoluhle (pronounced Doo Mo Loo Shlay) arrived in the afternoon.  He was brought to us by social welfare after  reports were made that his Aunty was physically abusing him.  Dumoluhle is an orphan.  When we told him that we would need to meet with his Aunty to get more information he became hysterical and started sobbing.  One wonders what this little boy has been through. 
Fleur is at the hospital at the moment dealing with the other two cases.  The five year old boy we were supposed to take has been admitted to hospital.  He is HIV positive and is currently on TB treatment.  The six old girl is with Fleur at the moment.  She is also HIV positive and receiving TB treatment.  Fleur has just phoned to ask whether she should bring the little girl to us.  How do I make a decision like that?  I am always worried about bringing sick children into our care.  It's put the rest of our children at risk but how do I say no.  This  little girl is an orphan and desrves to be loved and cared for, just like the rest of our children. At the moment they are waiting for her to see a doctor.  I am hoping they will put her into hospital for the time being.  We will then be able to visit and keep tabs on her progress. 
Fleur has just arrived and has come with the little girl.  Her name is Lisa.  She is also suffering from malnutrition,  We have agreed to take her but can only do so on Monday.  First she has to go back to her village in order to get her TB medication and chest xrays.  Once we have those we can find a clinic in town that will continue her treatment, 
With all the new children coming into our care we are going to need more sponsors?  Anyone out there interested??

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