Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The little girl I mentioned last week in my blog, 6 year old Lisa, arrived on Monday.  She is much sicker than we first anticipated.  We were able to take her to the peadiatrician yesterday who confirmed that she has HIV and TB but also said that she is suffering from pulmonary heart disease.   Her damaged lungs have put so much stress on her heart.  Now apparently the treatment for this heart diseases is sildenafil (aka viagra.)  Yep that's right, viagra, which is very, very expensive.  So I'm at it again.  Always asking for money I know.  But if anyone would like to sponsor the medication for Lisa that would be great.

She is really unhappy at the moment and just wants to go home to her Uncle.  The reason he brought to us is because she is too sick for him to look after.  Please pray for Lisa.

Next week the YFC staff will be having a week long fast for the Hotel Rio.  It will start on Monday and finish the following Sunday evening.  Feel free to join us as we come together before the Lord and petitiion for the Hotel Rio.

Just had a call from Social Welfare to pick up a seven year old litte girl.  She is an orphan and she is also HIV positive.  It is becoming more and more obvious that we will need to establish a small hospice for our sick children.  A place where they can receive good treatment and lots of love.  We need a full-time nurse.  Our mothers don't have the time or the expeience to meet the needs of some of ur sicker children. 

Des is fantastic with the kids.  They come to us sick and usually very dirty and smelly with ringworms and sores and yet Des looks at them through the eyes of Jesus.  She sees a precious child who is beautiful in His sight.  She picks up the children and cuddles them and calms them down.  She brings little toys for them and she makes them feel loved and wanted.  What a pricless gift she has.

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