Monday, October 25, 2010

Buhe has just informed me that she is 24 NOT 25.  And that the Lord led her to Zimbabe this year and that she really hated the photograph I posted of her so here's another one.  Posted with her approval.  You know what these young people are's all about the image.  My apologies Boo!!


  1. Hello, My name is Bogdan from Romania!
    My blog address is:
    Can we be friends??
    Thank you!!
    For those who do not understand use Google Translate (top right) and select your language!!!

  2. Thanks Debbie :)
    But you know in the big scheme of things it really wasn't that big a deal!
    Love you xxx

  3. No photo could EVER do your beautiful face justice Buhe! You are doing an amazing job!...So are you usual, ever the visionary with things in your sights that ONLY God can fulfil....wish I could be that fulltime nurse! Who knows what God has in store. He knows our hearts and our needs