Monday, October 18, 2010

5 year old Nelson and 3 year old Juliet.  They joined us last Thursday after being abandoned by their mother.  She left them in the care of an elderley GreatAunt who is already looking after 8 children.  When it became obvious that their mother was not returning for them, the Aunt took them to social welfare and they were eventually brought to us.  They are really sweet little kids who seemed to have settled in well.  Nelson is very underweight and is going need some fattening up but otherwise they seem to be in good health. 
Also with us at the moment is 13 year old Mercy who is five months pregnant.  It's difficult to get the truth out of this child but it seems that Mercy is pregnant to her boyfriend.  Social welfare have asked us to care for this children until she gives birth.  We don't usually takes cases like this one and so will need the Lord's wisdom in deciding what to do with Mercy.  A lot will depend on her attitude and her behaviour.  At this point I am anticipating that she will not be with us for long!!
We have also been asked to take another 13 year old girl was was raped by her step brother and is now pregnant.  She will probably join us later this week.
I love this photo of Calvin.  He had a sore on his ear and kept pulling off the band aid so eventually we had to bandage his whole head.  He's such a little cutie!!

When you get some time take a look at the following link.   Youth for Christ UK have been so supportive of the "One in a Million" and we are so grateful to Richard Moss for all the work he has put in this project.
And finally a big thanks to Phil and Di for all they did for YFC and especially for our children.  It was very much appreciated.  See you next year!!

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  1. It must be hard deciding whether to take children when they dont fall into the categories you are ministering to. You must need so much wisdom.

    Isnt Catvin a cutie!