Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Last week we were asked to take a 13 year girl who has been abused by her stepbrother for the past 2 years.  The family tried to hide the matter but it eventually came to light and social welfare removed her from the home.  The stepbrother is now missing.  We were also asked to take a ten year old rape victim but before we could take her the family sent her out to the rural area.  They are trying to protect the abuser. The police are dealing with this matter. 

We are still fighting to get the 6 year old boy I wrote about in my post.  Please pray that he can be removed from the home as quickly as possible...things tend to work very slowly in Africa. 

Two of our children are sick with vomiting and diarrehea - 9 month old Michaela and three year old Sipho, who is the little sister to Panashe, the little girl I spoke about in my newsletter. Please won't you pray for these two children. It's never nice when children as sick but so much harder in a large children's centre because it puts an even heavier load on the housemothers.

On a happier note, the kids at SJCV had a great time on Saturday morning after a church group visited them and brought party food and gifts.  There was lots of fun and games and it was wonderful to see them all so happy.

Finally my four year old told me yesterday that this year we must put up two christmas trees so that we can gets "two times"presents!!!!

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