Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tanyaradzwa is now out of hospital and looking much better.  She loved being in hospital and getting thoroughly spoiled.  Can you believe we still don't know what was wrong with her.  Not once did we get to see the doctor.  He didn't come to the hospital at the same each day and we continually missed him.  It was very frustrating.  I did hear mentions of appendicitis and kidney infections but nothing was confirmed.  Anyway the main thing is that she is back with us and much happier and healthier.
Last week we received a call from one of the nurses at the O.I. (Opportunistic Infections) Clinic.  This is the clinic where those suffering from HIV go for medical treatment and ARV drugs.  She became aware of a six year boy who was there for his treatment and was obviously being badly neglected.  So yesterday Fleur and Portia went to investigate and were horrified by what they found.  The little boy is an orphan and was living with his grandparents in the rural areas.  After his grandmother died last year his grandfather sent him into town to live with his Aunt and Uncle.  It is very obvious that he is not wanted.  The child was very dirty and wearing rags.  He could not remember when he had last eaten.   He is not allowed to sit on the furniture and sleeps on the floor each night.  He is regularly beaten and his guardians do not take him to the O.I. clinic for his reviews and medication. We are very concerned and doing our best to get the child out of that home. 
Do you feel angry?  I do!!  I will let you know when we get this little boy.  Please pray that it happens soon. 
To be quite honest I think the problem for this family is their lack of knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS.  I believe they are terrified that they will somehow catch the disease from the child.  Hard to believe that such ignorance still exists today!!

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